Excell Services LLC

January 1, 2011 Excell Services LLC purchased the assets of Excell Services, Inc.  Excell Services LLC is owned by

Andrew Weaver, longtime president of Excell Services, Inc. 

He has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas field industry with hands-on experience at most levels of the industry.


Headquarted in Wray, CO Excell Services LLC has


·          3 drilling rigs

·          9 workover rigs

·          well-service equipment

·          construction equipment


Excell Services LLC provides the following services in

 Northwest Kansas, Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado

·          drilling

·          workover, coiled tubing services 

·          construction

·          well plugging and abandonment

·          pipe recovery services

·          anchor setting and testing

·          fracture tank rentals

·          water hauling

·          hydro-test services

·          well site construction and maintenance



This transition to Excell Services LLC brought 90 experienced employees to the new company.  Employees are safety trained in CLICK Safety and Safe Land, and have all the required fire resistant clothing.